Kleine steentjes muziektrainingen

Kleine steentjes muziektrainingen

On this website you will find information on courses, workshops and individual lessons on conducting and related subjects. For music school teachers there is information about courses that are aimed at the day-to-day music school practice.

Our range of courses are aimed at anyone who wants to learn about conducting. This can be the keen music amateur learning to conduct a choir, ensemble or orchestra, the more experienced condustor or the music professional looking to develop specific skills in depth.

On our website you can find several types of conducting courses in different levels. Individual conducting lessons are always 'customized' to the needs of the student. Because of the substantial background and experience of course instructor Michel Havenith within different disciplines of the conducting profession, every pupil and participant can make considerable progress.

Kleine steentjes muziektrainingen works in small groups in order to maximize effectiveness and personal attention. Because working with an external ensemble during the lab-conducting session is an integral part of each conducting course, an authentic conducting situation is provided for all participants.

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